Giving Guide
Why give?
Our giving is not so much about God’s or the church’s need to receive our gift as it is about our need to give a gift, in order to keep our life in perspective. It is easy to forget that everything belongs to God and we are just stewards who get to take care of it and use it for a time. The act of offering helps us to remember that, by returning to God a portion of what God has first given us. At its core an offering is an act of worship, showing our gratitude to God. If you find yourself giving out of some sense of compulsion, guilt, shame or self-interest, or to exert influence ….don’t.  That isn’t an offering. That is just money changing hands. But If you find yourself giving from a glad, generous heart, as a way to express love and thanks to God, then you will experience the joy of giving.

Why give to Joy?
You have lots opportunities for charitable giving to many good and wonderful causes.  What makes Joy different, is that this ministry is our responsibility. We get to decide how we will use the resources, to make sure they align with God’s mission in this place. The more we have, the more we can do. Joy does a good job of stewarding your gift and you can be confident it will be used responsibly.  

How much should I give?
Each of our contexts are different, so it is hard to put an exact dollar amount on it.  But as a general rule: If the amount you give doesn’t have an impact on how you live and it doesn’t involve some sacrifice, then it probably isn’t enough. If you are not giving it cheerfully, then you are probably giving too much. Consider making your gift proportional to your income.                        

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