With the rise of the Delta Variant of Covid we are being pro-active to try to prevent an outbreak in the Prescott community, so we are making some changes to our worship protocols.

We are encouraging everyone, even those who are fully vaccinated to wear a mask when indoors and close proximity to others. Even though the vaccinated are not likely to be severely ill, they can still carry a high virus load that could affect those who can not be vaccinated (those immuno-compromised and children under 12).  It is for their sake we ask you to take care.

We will continue to live stream each Sunday on Facebook and post a recording of our worship to YouTube later in the day.  If you are not comfortable being back “in person”, or not feeling well or have been exposed to covid, we encourage to you worship with us online. Facebook or YouTube.

If you do come we invite you to use the new automatic door openers (it helps us minimize hand contact on the door pulls) also please use the motion-activated hand sanitizers as you come and go. We will also be going back to a stationary offering plate to minimize hand to hand contact.
We still will have coffee and muffins following worship, but you encouraged to fellowship     dispersed in the fellowship hall or outdoors.

Our Nursery is available for parents and children and is professionally staffed from 10:15-111:15.      Infants and mothers needing a quiet place for feedings may use the fireside room (across from the nursery) during worship.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the church office.  All are welcome here!