The Butterfly Garden and Prayer Labyrinth are open to the public 24/7 as a quiet place to meditate

The inspiration for the Butterfly Garden
was the tragic death of two young girls
in our faith community: 
Ava Catherine Christianson
and Ellery Feona Ennenga.
Both girls had a passion of butterflies
(monarchs for Ava and swallowtails for Ellery),
so our garden path is shaped like a butterfly and filled with pollinator plants
to provide habitat for them.
As well as being a thing of beauty,
the butterfly is also a symbol of the resurrection and our hope
of being reunited with our loved ones.

What is a Prayer Labyrinth?

Labyrinths are ancient, spiritual walking paths.
The same path that leads you in, will bring you out again.
There are no dead ends.
There is not a right or wrong way.
Simply place one foot in front of the other,
releasing and letting go of the details of your life
and in so doing…quieting the mind.
You are invited to dwell in the center
as a place of meditation and prayer
and being open to the presence of God.

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