Confirmation Ministry

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Overview of Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism) Ministry at Joy

ONLINE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN Confirmation for 8th and 9th graders starts Wednesday, September 18th, with a parent and student meeting. Click the link for details and online registration


Confirmation (also called Affirmation of Baptism) is a significant milestone in one’s faith journey.

It is an opportunity for a person who had been baptized as a child to affirm what God has done for them in his/her baptism and take greater responsibility in living a life of faith.

Confirmation is not required for anyone.  However, if a young person and his or her family decide to enter into the confirmation process of preparing to affirm one’s baptism, then we covenant together to meet the core recommendations of confirmation.  They are as follows:

  1. Wednesday Night Workshops: Participants are required to attend the weekly Wednesday night workshops from 6:30pm to 7:45pm. We will spend time together in worship, group building, large group time and small group time.
    Accountability: Small group leaders will take attendance  In the case of illness or emergency and you cannot attend please leave a message at the church. (715-262-5800)
  2. Service: We divide up service events into two categories.
    Service in the world: Participants are encouraged to attend four (4) out of seven (7)  large group projects throughout the year.  Information about each project is included in the 2016-2017 schedule e-mail updates will also be sent.   All Large group projects will be by sign-up.Service at Joy:  Participants are encouraged to commit to working 4 hours of service at Joy Lutheran throughout the year.  This commitment can be done through helping with the Sunday School or on Wednesday nights, attending the nursery for a church service/event, serving as an usher, reading scripture for a service, mowing the church lawn, or any other various things.  Be creative in what you do!  Also, if you are having troubles in this area please let Pastor or Christy know.Why?  At Joy, we believe that all of God’s children are ministers and have been equipped to do various ministries.  We also believe that being a Christian is not simply a personal belief, but that it is also deeply connected to community.  And we know that love and good works flow from a living faith.  Confirmation includes the opportunity to participate in mission and to serve in community, not just talk about it.Accountability:  Participants are required to take part in 4 of the 7 monthly service projects.   Attendance will be taken.  Participants are required to commit to 4 hours of service at Joy.   Commitment sheets will be filled out for this part of the requirement.

3. Worship: Participants are encouraged to attend Sunday worship, either at Joy Lutheran, or any other Christian church.  To help make the worship more meaningful students will be asked to reflect on the experience by completing 12 worship notes each year.

Why?  While each of us is on our own faith journey, we are integrally connected to one another through Christ as a community of believers.  And while you can be a Christian without going to church, faith is much harder to sustain when we do not practice our faith in weekly worship.  In public worship we come together to remember what God has done for us and to remind ourselves that God continues to be an active presence in our lives.

       Accountability:  Parents and confirmation participants are encouraged to attend weekly worship.  There will be baskets in the narthex with blank worship note forms and a place to collect your completed ones.

Research by the Search Institute of Minneapolis has proven that the single most important influence on the faith development of youth is NOT their church,
NOT their pastor, NOT their youth director, NOT even their friends
-but their parents.
If you don’t have faith AND live it out – neither will they.


For Participants:
1.Weekly participation at the Wednesday Night Workshops in both     large group and in small groups from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.
2.Service: Attend 4 out of the 7 monthly large group projects.
3.Service: Participate in the ministries of Joy by volunteering 4 hours of your time (see below)
4.Attend weekly worship, either at Joy or some other Christian church.
5.Complete 12 Worship notes.

For Parents:

  1. Support your youth’s participation in the Wednesday night gathering.
  2. Support your youth’s participation in church related events and activities.
  3. Attend weekly worship with your youth.
  4. Commit to participate/chaperone for at least one of the 7 large group projects.
  5. Pray for your youth throughout this time of confirmation.
  6. Serve as a small Group Leader for the Confirmation program.


Ideas for the student on Sundays:
read scripture (sign up on clip board)
help to serve communion (sign up on clip board)
help with Sunday School (talk with Christy)
help usher (introduce yourself to the usher and say I would like to help today, pass out bulletins, passing the offering plate with you, and after worship helping you with all you do!)
help in the nursery (introduce yourself to the adult in the nursery and offer to help).

after worship 1) go through seats and pick up left over bulletins 2) ask Usher (after 10:15 worship, what lights to turn off in the sanctuary and church).  3) help the altar guild person to clean up communion.  4) ask Pastor Steve or Christy what you can do, there are often times things that need to be picked up, cleaned up, or moved.  5) gather all of the recycling in each room and take it to the large recycle bins.

help to clean the kitchen…sundays or wednesday nights

Ideas for families on Sunday to do with your student:
greet together
serve communion as a family
help clean up after worship (turn off lights, ask usher if the bulletins need sorting, check SS rooms)

Ideas for the student on their own time (on a Wednesday before or after Confirmation, after School, on Sunday, during School breaks arrange to serve at church for the day  )
go through the kids activity bags, sort and organize
Coordinate with Shannon the Administrative assistant to help to fold or do mailings
clean out the Sunday School supply closet (checking markers, pens, sharpen pencils).
Shovel snow ANY time you see snow on sidewalks – if you can shovel on a more regular basis – please let us know. Many things can and need to be done without much planning.  With a week or more notice, Christy and others can plan ahead.