Thrivent is looking for ways to give away millions of dollars with its non-profit status. Let’s help them, which in turn supports Joy, the community and many of our outreach programs.

 Action Team Projects: During this past year (2017) 60 Action Team projects were completed by members of Joy who are also Thrivent benefit and associate members. Thrivent provided $250 seed money for each of these events, thus giving us $15,000 that was used for service and outreach activities. Some of that money was used to offset budget expenditures and the rest used for programs that were not included in the 2017 budget. This surpassed our goal of 50 events and we have set our goal for 2018 for another 60 projects. As of March 1st we have already been approved for 20 projects for this year ($5,000) and are well on our way to meet our goal. Thank you to Thrivent Financial and everyone at Joy who has supported this program. I will update this message on the 1st Sunday of each month with new numbers. You can view all of last year’s projects and 2018 projects that have been approved and anticipated for the entire year posted on the hallway bulletin board.

Choice Dollars: This is another Thrivent program available to eligible benefit members where they can direct Thrivent dollars to one or more non-profit organizations (including Joy Lutheran Church). These dollars become available throughout the year and you simply indicate where you would like the money to be sent. The process is easy and quick – either by phone or on-line. Remember, this is Thrivent’s money (not yours) and they are giving it to a non-profit organization of your choice. During 2017 Joy members directed over $3,000 to Joy Lutheran Church of which over half was used to support the Capital Improvement Fund. This was a huge increase of Choice Dollars from previous years and is different from Action Team seed money in that the money can be used for whatever need we have at Joy. Thank you to Thrivent Financial and all Joy members who participated in this program. Let’s make 2018 another great year with your continued involvement. Our goal for 2018 will again be $3,000. Please note: Choice dollars accumulated in any year must be used by March 31st of the following year or you will lose the dollars (e.g. money earned in 2017 must be used by 3/31/2018).

If you would like more information about Action Teams or Choice Dollars, check the weekly newsletter, Joy’s web page, posted information in the church narthex & hallway bulletin board or contact Jim & Bobbie Flatz.

Be part of a Thrivent Action Team
Thousands of dollars are available for our use to fund projects in our congregation and community…come find out how you can be part of it. Joy has prepared a 1 page informational and guideline document that will explain the program and ease you through the application process. If you would like to view this click here.

Another resource you may find helpful is  “101 ways to spark action in your community”,