Vision Council 2017
 Vision Council 2017   Back Row:  Tom Gujer (VP), Marcia  Lindseth (JWELCA), Chris Stanke (Worship), Tom Peterson (Secretary), Wayne Lundgaard (Giving), Steve Meyer (Pastor)
Front Row: Christy Canfield (Dir. of Ed. & Youth), Bobbie Flatz (Service), Hope Olson (Outreach), Joan Northouse (President)

Not Pictured: Kristin Tibayan (Treasurer), Phyllis Hoffman (Fellowship), 

Joy Vision Council Members

Name Position
Joan Northouse President
Tom Gujer Vice President
Tom Peterson Secretary
Kristin Tibayan Treasurer
Chris Stanke Worship
Open Position Faith Education
 Phyllis Hoffman Fellowship
Wayne Lundgaard Giving
Hope Olson Outreach
Bobbie Flatz Service
Marcia Lindseth JW/ELCA


Staff Members

Name Position
Steve Meyer  Pastor
Christy Canfield Christian Education & Youth
 Shannon Clarke Office Administrative Assistant
Sue Hood Bookkeeper
 Deanna Roen  Joyful Bells & Joy Choir Director
Lee Northouse Worship and Music
Karen Lundgaard Pianist & Director of Sing4Joy and Joy Unlimited
Ken Carlson Youth Music Ministry Director
Joan Schaack Organist
Dick Horken Cleaning Services
Ernie Schultz Property & Grounds