how to lead devotions

Think about devotions is as a continuation of our community’s worship.

The following basic pattern could be one way of forming your household’s devotions. Adapt as necessary. NOTE: be aware of the total length of this devotional time. For many households, 15 minutes might be about the maximum amount of time for this, but that could grow with households with older children or just adults.

Gathering Ritual: Consider some way to open this time of worship. Light a candle, sing a short song, or have a moment of silent breathing to relax. 
Prayer of the Week: A prayer is printed that ties in with the first Sunday’s reading that can move with you throughout the week. Use it in devotions or any other time! 

CARING CONVERSATION   Take a moment to check in with each other or to use the questions included in this section. In households with smaller children, this can just be a time to ask a concrete question about their day. The main point is to be on the look-out for opportunities to move your household’s talk from the surface toward intimacy

DAILY BIBLE READING   Read aloud from the DAILY BIBLE READING from the front of each insert. What do you want to remember from this reading? Even just a brief conversation about the reading might be meaningful. 

PRAY TOGETHER  Use the included weekly suggestion on how to pray together, or find a different way to pray. 

Closing Ritual: Consider a way to close your time together. Extinguish a candle if you lit one to begin, give hugs or handshakes, or anything else you would like. 

Rituals and Traditions: A Blessing to Share: A blessing can be a powerful ritual that reminds us of God’s promises and presence, both through the words, as well as the touch that we share. This can be used as a “good-bye.” It could be used as a bed-time blessing. Be creative in the way you bless and are blessed by the people in your life.  

The “Four Key Faith Practices”—Caring Conversations, Devotions, Service, and Rituals & Traditions—are a framework developed by the Rev. Dr. David Anderson of Milestones Ministry and used by permission from Vibrant Faith Ministries, Bloomington, MN ( For more information about the Four Keys, go to  © 2015-2016  Spirit and Truth Publishing—All Rights Reserved– For Local Congregational Use Only