How do I use this tool?

Sharing God’s Story @ Home is a resource for you to use at home to help in faith formation through the use of spiritual practices. Probably the two most important factors in trying to have these become a part of your daily faith practice are: grace and flexibility.

“Grace” is the word we use to seek to encompass the reality that God is loving and forgiving, whether we succeed or fail. When you feel like you have failed because of this material, GOD loves you and forgives you, so you should, too!

Likewise, when it comes to flexibility, try different ways of using this. Will morning time or evening be better for your household? Maybe you’ll need to do this in shifts, depending on work and school schedules? How will younger or older kids relate to this material? What if your household doesn’t include any kids? Try creative ways of adapting this material so that it will match your household. This resource is a foundation from which to build your household’s practice of faith! Enjoy!

Each week’s resource will include these items:
SCRIPTURE VERSE FOR THE WEEK— Each week, you will find a brief Scripture verse from the Sunday’s reading. Use it in your devotions time or copy it and stick it to a bathroom mirror. Or, do anything else that works for you.

MEALTIME PRAYER—Use this to begin or end one or all of your meals, perhaps with the Scripture Verse.

DAILY BIBLE READINGS—Each week, you will find in this space daily readings from the Bible. Those reading will seek to do one of two things. Either, it will seek to fill in the gaps in the readings, Sunday to Sunday.  Or, it will seek to illuminate a theme from throughout Scripture—for example, “bread.”

If your household includes younger children, use a child-friendly Bible like the Spark! Picture Bible (Augsburg Fortress) or The Jesus Storybook Bible (Zondervan). The Children’s Illustrated Bible (New Leaf Press) is a good Bible for young readers that also includes nice illustrations and explanations. Often, you might find that the children’s Bible you are using may not include the very story assigned for the Daily Bible Readings. Read to your kids anyway. Just pick a story!

SERVICE CHALLENGE—Service is how we enact God’s great love for the entire world. Each week there will be a small challenge that will encourage your household to act out love for each other or the community.

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