Capital Appeal

thermo april 30Wow!  Thanks for your generous support

We have surpassed  our goal of $30,000.  We are currently at $30,930 in pledges.  We have placed the order for the new furnaces, which will be installed next week and plans are underway for the work in the basement.  If you haven’t made a gift yet we are still gladly receiving them and using them to keep our facility a vibrant center for ministry.

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At our Annual meeting we approved a giving plan that involved a special appeal this spring for some capital improvements. For years our energy went into to trying to make ends meet, but we have turned a corner. Worship attendance is on the rise; there is a renewed energy and optimism. It is time to look forward and make sure our facility will serve us and the community well into the future.

Please consider making a gift or pledge for a gift
when we gather for worship on Sunday, April 9

Why?  One of the consequences of the financial challenges we faced during the last few years was that important maintenance to the building was deferred. But we cannot defer it any longer.  We have three furnace/AC units that have reached the end of their useful life and need to be replaced at a cost of $20,000.  When we added the new addition to our facility 10 years ago, we did not have the resources to finish the basement to the same high quality of the rest of the building.  In order to make the space more usable for ministry, we would like to add better lighting, wiring, insulation and acoustic work, which is estimated to cost up to $10,000.

Why now?  We have kept the furnaces limping along but they will not last another season.  By acting now, we can replace them during a low demand time with minimal interruption  to our ministry.  The work in the basement could be done over the summer so we are ready to use the space more effectively next fall.

How will we pay for it?  We are appealing to the people of Joy for a special gift above and beyond their regular giving for these capital improvements.  We are ready to receive your gift now or the amount could be pledged and received over the next 5 months. You can click on the digital pledge form below or pick up a pledge card at Joy.  Gifts can be made electronically as well by using specially marked envelopes.  Our office we be glad to assist you in finding a way that works for you.

We’re looking for
10 gifts of $1000      or $200/month           $10,000
20 gifts of  $500       or $100/month            $10,000
30 gifts of  $250       or $50/month               $  7,500
25 gifts of  $100        or $20/month             $  2,500

All funds received will be designated for capital improvements only.

Click here for digital pledge form