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Advent and Christmas Worship Opportunities
Dec. 17 “All Ages Christmas Program” and Christmas Cantata “Hope!” – both 8:15am and 10:15am

Dec. 24 “Drawn to the Light” a “live” painted sermon by Pastor Steve – one service at 9:30am

Christmas Eve Worship – 3:00pm
musical message by the Joy Choir

Candlelight Christmas Eve Worship – 5:00pm
musical message by the Joyful Bells

“Christmas Around the World” – 9:00pm
a candlelight worship led by guitars, featuring music from around the globe

Dec.31   New Year’s Eve Worship – one service at 9:30am

ALL AGE Christmas Program at JOY Church!! Sunday December 17 at 8:15am or 10:15am Worship service. Do you want to be an Angel, or maybe a donkey. Just show up, pick a costume and be ready to join in on the Christmas story. Kids, parents, Grandma and Grandpa, neighbors, and friends… join us for this unique experience. No Rehearsals. No Hassle. Show up and pick a costume!

Fall/Winter Schedule

Traditional Worship  8:15am
Faith Formation  9:25am
Contemporary Worship & Sunday School 10:15am

Summer Schedule (Memorial Day-Labor Day)

Sunday-Blended Style Worship 9:30am                            Wednesday-Campfire Worship 6:30pm

Whoever you are, however you come, you are welcome here.

What is the difference between “Faith Formation” and “Sunday School”?  

If you have noticed the signs for the fall schedule change you have seen references to both Faith Formation and Sunday School.  What is the difference? Both have the same goal of helping to form faith but they go at it in different ways.
First of all, Sunday School: Sunday School is a model of faith formation that we have used for many years.  Most recently it has meant a setting where kids were dropped off for class, while parents went to worship.  It allowed teachers to prepare a very age appropriate experience for children, while parents worshiped without distraction.  However, the unfortunate side effect has been that children don’t learn how to worship by experiencing it with their parents.

That will be changing this year, at least partially, because Sunday School will begin with worship in the sanctuary with their families.  The worship at 10:15 will look a little different because of that. It will be very intentionally cross generational and interactive. After about 15 minutes the children can be dismissed for their Sunday School class.

The Faith Formation time (45 minutes between services)  at 9:25 provides an educational experience which is separate from worship, so parents who want to worship as families have that opportunity. There are two elements: The first element is something we are calling Faith U (faith university) and will consist of two classes, offered each week for adults.  There will be a variety of topics offered, dealing with both life application, as well as Bible and theology topics in short series.  If the adults have kids, the kids can participate in a Cross Generational Class during the same time, which is the second element.  The cross generational class allows both parents and kids to have separate focused classes, while allowing them to worship together as families. Or if they wish, they could attend the cross generational class together as whole families to experience faith formation together.
Questions about how this will work? Talk to Christy or Pastor Steve
PS.  I have long valued having children in worship  check out this article on “my kid doesn’t get anything out of church”